DJ Mag August 2021 (North America) - digital

DJ Mag August 2021 (North America) - digital

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There aren’t many artists who can lay claim to having appeared on two separate DJ Mag covers — but then again, Roger Sanchez is no ordinary artist. Born and bred in New York City, the longtime house music champion has been one of the sound’s leading figures since he began releasing music in the early ’90s, under an array of pseudonyms that includes Underground Solution, Egotrip, Tribal Infusion and, of course, the mighty S-Man. Sanchez last appeared on our cover almost exactly 20 years ago, coinciding with the world- conquering success of his ‘Another Chance’ — simple in construction yet brimming with emotion, it’s a tune that’s as affecting today as it was in 2001. He was a superstar then and is an even bigger one now, but the one-time B-boy was gracious enough to sit down for a conversation about how he got to where he was, the effect that a monster hit like ‘Another Chance’ can have on a career, and the plans for his post-pandemic future.

Sanchez, ever the workaholic, managed to stay productive during his Covid-imposed downtime — among other things, he’s reconnected with his B-boy roots by working on graffiti-inspired artwork. Likewise, Matt Robson-Scott and Kye Gibbon, together known as Gorgon City, have managed to keep busy over the past year-and-a-half, and have a new LP called ‘Olympia’ to prove it. It’s a lofty name for an LP, but the North London duo (Robson-Scott’s now based in Chicago) meet the challenge — it’s perhaps their best work yet.

Elsewhere, Brazil’s Érika Alves discusses her emotionally resonant solo work and her ambitious Baphyanas Brasileyras project, while LA’s Rinzen fills us in on how a Giorgio Moroder remix contest jumpstarted his career. You’ll read about the Toolroom label’s Maxinne, 3024 head honcho Martyn and his mentoring program, a new collaborative project from Paris mainstays Teki Latex and Brice Coudert, and plenty more.

One more note: As of press time, positivity rates have been heading in the wrong direction. Get tested, get vaxxed, stay safe!

Bruce Tantum