DJ Mag May 2022 (North America) - digital

DJ Mag May 2022 (North America) - digital

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The simple life. It’s what many of us yearn for, but in today’s world, it’s not so easy to attain, and that goal probably seems exponentially more distant if you’re an internationally famous artist. This month’s cover artist knows that better than most. As Flume, he’s a world-conquering producer and performer, with a new album, ‘Palaces,’ that might be his most ambitious work yet. But as Harley Edward Streten, he’s as happy to surf off the east coast of Australia and work in his eight-acre plot of land, where he grows an array of veggies and herbs, as he is playing in front of thousands of adoring fans. (Happier, really.) It’s taken Streten a decade to figure it out — but in recent years, he finally seems to have found the right balance, and he’s taken some time out from puttering in the garden and making hits in the studio to tell DJ Mag how he’s done it.

Fame arrived at an early age to Streten, but for others, success stems from years spent living a life immersed in the culture. Case in point: Jamie Watson, better known to fans of four-to-the-floor rhythms as Jamie 3:26. Growing up in Chicago within the city’s nascent house-music scene long before the city’s producers began to codify the sound — when R&B- infused disco, wiry new wave and so much more could be considered “house” — Watson, through his participation in that culture, help to launch a movement that resonates stronger than ever. Nowadays, he’s one of house’s premiere ambassadors, and while the path hasn’t always been the easiest, he seems supremely happy to play that role. Who wouldn’t be?

Warmer weather is finally here — which means, among other generally glorious things, that festivals are here as well, and we round up a whole slew of ‘em in this issue, from around the country and around the world. You’ll also find pages devoted to the wide-ranging likes of Louie Vega, DJ Haram, Optimo, J Dilla, Derrick Carter, Perel and so many more, along with reviews, tech news, a few tricks of the trade, fashion and so much more.

Bruce Tantum